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About that Fling

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About That Fling - Tawna Fenske

I guess this might have spoilers. I'm not sure.


I'm not going to finish this. I got it for free with Kindle First. I'd seen it mentioned in several newsletters and thought I might enjoy it.


So, I've read to 17%. The heroine, Jenna, works at some health insurance place with her best friend, Mia. Mia previously cheated on her husband, but is now marrying the man she cheated with and pregnant with his baby (this feels skeevy). Jenna met Mia at some miscarriage support group. I'm not sure what that's about, but I'm sure it's some big secret that is revealed later.


Jenna lives with her aunt (or her aunt lives with her) and the aunt writes erotic romance novels as a way to pay her medical bills, but Jenna pretends she doesn't know because the company Jenna works for would frown upon this. This feels skeevy. But, it seems to put Jenna in "funny" awkward situations because she's sent on errands to purchase odd sex things for her aunt.


Adam is the hero. He's in town for a period of time for a mediator job. He and Jenna hook up at a bar and have a one night stand. But, they're both interested in seeing each other again, so agree to meet later in the week.


The next day, Adam walks in to a meeting room for his mediator job and discovers Jenna and Mia at the conference table. Mia is his ex-wife. And Jenna is his one night stand. And this company is super sensitive about scandal because a previous CEO's wife ran an escort service. This is getting absolutely ridiculous and I don't find it to be "slapstick comedy" as I think it might be meant.


Mia and Adam excuse themselves and have a discussion about how to handle their jobs and their "relationship". They decide to come clean to the company executives and that he should continue his mediator role. Adam then corners Jenna in a "adult" shop (she's on an errand for her aunt) and they go in to a movie booth to have a private conversation where they decide they will not continue their relationship and they will hide from Mia that they had a one night stand (even though Mia knows Jenna had a one night stand, enjoyed it and planned to see the guy again).


I see too much stupid. I can't continue.