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Sweet the Sin

Sweet the Sin - Claire Kent

I have read lots of books authored by Claire Kent/Noelle Adams. I've enjoyed some more than others, but this one did not work for me.


Kelly, the heroine, and Caleb, the hero, are two of the most selfish and self-centered people I've ever read about. They are both heavily into casual sex. One and done is all either of them engage in. They meet in a dog park (Kelly mistakes him for a prospective client) and after talking for 10 minutes, have sex with each other in the woods up against a tree. That is to be the one and only time, but Kelly interests Caleb, so he contacts her for "dessert". Between sex in the woods and when Caleb contacts Kelly, she discovered who Caleb "might" be. She spends the rest of the book scheming to get as close to Caleb as possible in the hopes of earning as much of his trust as possible. With that trust, she plans to snoop through his business information to find proof he ordered the hit on her father.


Basically, the synopsis is very true to the story. But, it's the entire story. Caleb likes Kelly mostly for her looks, but also for the way she challenges him. He's arrogant, he looks at women as potential "fucks", he fixates on Kelly's "innocent" look to almost the point of creepiness and his business practices are unscrupulous. He's like the ultimate asshole. Kelly spends the entire book manipulating Caleb. She develops twisted feelings for him. And Caleb for her. But, she lies and schemes all the way to the end. All while having copious amounts of sex, about which Kelly is completely conflicted.


I love Noelle Adam's / Claire Kent's writing style and it's consistent in this book. I just really did not like the characters. I don't think this is really a "cliffhanger". It ends in a place that makes sense, but their story is not at ALL resolved. I don't plan to read the other books in the saga.