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The Basilisk's Creed

The Basilisk's Creed Omnibus (Volumes One, Two, and Three - The Basilisk's Creed # 1) - Eme Strife

I won this through a BookLikes giveaway. Honestly, I didn't know what was going on.


Eli is the heroine. She works at a high-end nightclub in San Francisco (but we don't find this out until almost the end of the book) making $45 an hour stacking glasses, etc. She also works during the day, lives in a shitty apartment and is dirt poor. She complains about this constantly throughout the story. She also has a broken alarm clock that goes off at random times, but she continues to use it and then gets annoyed every time it wakes her at incorrect times. She does think, at least once, that she should buy a new alarm clock or start using the alarm on her phone. :


Matt is the hero. He's the leader of the Golden Reapers. He's a soul reaper. I don't really know what this means. He doesn't appear to reap a single soul during the story. But, there are different classes of reapers and they're all based on metals - silver, etc. There's an Order. There are Electi. I don't know.


Eli has a bad day at work and falls in to bed when she gets home. Then she's in a dream and enters some building where she feels compelled to drink a golden liquid in a chalice. Matt appears and startles her before she actually drinks the contents of the chalice. They are inexplicably attracted to each other. Eli is a virgin, but the begin kissing and going at each other before Eli's alarm wakes her.


They both wonder if they dreamed the other, etc, etc, etc. Then Matt is called because there's been a "shift". It takes him until the end of the story before it occurs to him that his meeting Eli in his universe could be associated with the shift. Again, :


Then the Atlantic Ocean disappears. I know this is just the first part of a series, but I'm seriously confused and I think there's too much repetition for me to continue with the other volumes in effort to be un-confused.