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House of Payne: Payne - Stacy Gail

I saw "House of Payne: Twist" advertised somewhere as a daily deal ($.99) and it looked like it could be interesting.  Then I noticed the other two in the trilogy were also $.99, so I purchased them all.  I started with this one since it's the first in the trilogy.  I don't know how far I read, but I don't think I read any further than 5%.  I should've previewed the book first...


Sebastian Payne is the hero and he owns "House of Payne" - a tattoo place.  It sounds almost like a "boutique".  But, he's introduced as the heroine, Becks, is waiting in his place of business to speak with him.  She's ruminating about his history.  Or what she knows of it.  He became famous because he did a tattoo for a 21 year old former child star.  It was broadcast on the Internet.  The tattoo said "Fuck It Hard" across her ass and then he did "Fuck It Hard" for the world to see.  The former child star went on to become an Internet porn star.


Yeah...  So not interested in that.  I returned this and the other two for refunds.