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Dirty Talk

Dirty Talk: A Mechanics of Love Novel - Megan Erickson

I didn't enjoy this one as much as the first in the series.  I liked Brent, the hero, well enough. He's good-looking, funny, a bit goofy, deeper (emotionally) than he appears and a ladies man.  He prefers bar hookups because they're easy and without expectation.  I don't relate to that and don't like it in a hero, but he's sort of moving beyond that phase when he meets Ivy, the heroine.  We meet Alex in the first book when she starts working at the Payton garage.  Ivy is Alex's sister. Ivy and Alex both have bad history with men and have promised each other "no men". But, Ivy sees beyond Brent's fun-loving facade when she meets him and rejects him when he flirts with her.  For Brent's part, he's immediately smitten with Ivy and pursues her even though he doesn't pursue women.


I liked Brent.  But, I didn't like his bar trip after the final dust-up.  I don't get that mind set.  I never really warmed up to Ivy.  And I kind of don't like when young kids appear in books.  They're generally there just to further the plot and they don't really reflect the true impact on a parents life.  This was sort of the case here - there was always someone conveniently available to watch Violet, Ivy's daughter, so that she could go off and do whatever.