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Forbidden Bond

Forbidden Bond - Jessica Lee

This was kind of a crap shoot.  I'd never read anything by this author, but bought it on sale for $.99 because it looked interesting.


It was enjoyable.  Eion is the hero.  He's a wolf shifter and soon to be alpha of his pack.  Olivia is the heroine.  She's human and she's a large animal vet.  Go back 12 years and Eion and Olivia meet when they're teenagers.  Eion is staying with his aunt and uncle to experience life outside the pack.  Eion is best friends with Olivia's brother, Kris.  The last summer Eion is there, he accidentally bonds with Olivia.  Bonding/mating with a human is forbidden by Eion's pack.  He only has weeks before he goes back to his pack, so he cuts ties with Olivia and Kris.


Fast forward 12 years and Eion is back in town to sell the land his aunt and uncle gifted to him.  He ends up making contact with Olivia and Kris.  The story goes from there.


I liked Eion.  He knew that he'd bonded with Olivia and knew that it was forbidden and he thought she wouldn't feel the bond because she's human, so he left with the idea that she could continue on and have a "normal" life.  I was pretty ambivalent about Olivia.  She did feel the bond, but didn't know what it was.  She just knew that no other male ever felt "right" and that the feelings she had for Eion after 12 years were not normal.  But, she dated Taylor, her veterinary business partner and male best friend from college.  Taylor really loved Olivia and went so far as to propose to her.  She really led him on, knowing that she didn't enjoy any sort of physical intimacy with him, because she wanted "normal" and "steady", etc.


The first half of the book was drawn out with all the conflicted feelings.  The next quarter was Eion and Olivia getting closer and the third quarter was a very quick resolution.  I felt like there was an imbalance there.  But, it was a decent book - writing style was good and not many editing errors.