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A Match for Addy

A Match for Addy (The Amish Matchmaker) - Emma  Miller

This is the first Amish story I've ever read.  I'll read lots of different things, but I mostly stick to erotic and paranormal romance, so this was a bit a departure for me.  It's completely clean.  The most they do is hand holding and feather-light kissing.  But, they fell for each other slowly and it was sweet.


Overlooking the way Addy's parents control her, I found Addy very relatable.  She wants to please her parents, but she's not a doormat.  She's also very direct and a bit harsh sometimes.  And I liked Gideon.  I guess he's the Amish version of a playboy.  He likes women and is not ready to settle down, although his parents want him to marry.


There really isn't much conflict.  Addy is attracted to Gideon on first meeting, but he places her in the friend category immediately and so she begins to look at him as a friend and begins to consider the other eligible men around her that show interest.  Gideon then begins to realize that his feelings for Addy aren't the same as for other women and that he loves her.  The conflict is that Gideon is a hired hand and Addy's parents are insistent that she make a wealthier match so that they'll be cared for in their old age.


The end was a bit predictable, but still enjoyable.