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Ting Tang Tony: And the Tale of the Little Erection that Could

Ting Tang Tony: And the Tale of the Little Erection That Could (Has-Been Series) (Volume 1) - Kat DeSalle, Kristin Leigh Jones

I saw the second book in this series as a daily deal somewhere and when I looked at this one, it was available via Kindle Unlimited.  So, I borrowed it.  I was a bit unsure because it features porn stars, but it's good to read outside my comfort zones sometimes.


This wasn't what I expected.  I thought it might be a bit edgy and maybe make me uncomfortable with the tension of a porn star trying to have a "normal" relationship with someone outside the porn industry.  There wasn't any of that.


The story starts with Tony at his bon voyage party.  He just finished wrapping his last movie and he's retiring.  He lives in LA, but is in Florida for the party.  Tony is very tall and apparently very good-looking, but has a tiny penis (it isn't detailed exactly how tiny).  He's never had sex with anyone outside the industry because he's insecure.  He's actually limited his sexual activities to Cindy, the woman he broke in to the porn industry with.  For the last twenty years!  She seems like a real bitch and they have a shitty relationship.


Tony trips over Emily on his way back to his hotel after the party.  She's drunk and very short and Tony trips over her in the street.  He's attracted to her, but they go their separate ways.  The next day, Tony has to bail one of his buddies out of jail.  He takes him to a law firm to deal with the charges, etc, and Emily is a paralegal at the law firm.


So, the cast of characters is odd.  They're all emotionally dysfunctional.  Tony is the most level-headed out of the bunch and has managed to save the most money, so seems to foot the bill for most things.  The story is told from Tony's point-of-view and he seems so girly....


There isn't a cliffhanger or anything, but there isn't any good closure with Emily and Tony, either.  For example, what does he do for work after retiring?  There is some mention of producing porn films, but that isn't mentioned to Emily and you don't see how she deals with it, etc.  Maybe it's continued in the second book, about Rod (who is a total douche), but I don't think I'll be finding out.