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Going Long

Going Long - Cari Quinn

I don't know about this.  The description looked good.  Charlene is the heroine.  Wade is the hero.  They grew up together - went to school together.  They were best friends, basically.  Each had more than friend feelings for the other, but neither did anything about it.  Wade's older brother, Colt, expressed an interest in Charlene and they started going out.  Wade couldn't stand to watch it and left for Nashville to pursue a music career.


It's something like 12 years later and Wade gets a call from an old high school classmate indicating the coach of their high school football team has had a heart attack and the old team is converging back in town to help the coach out on his ranch.  Wade also decides to return.  So, in those 12 years, Charlene has married Colt.  And Charlene and Colt have divorced.  Wade has pretty much stayed away all of that time.


Charlene intends to avoid him, but Colt doesn't understand why his relationship with Wade is damaged and asks Charlene to try to mediate.  She agrees.  Wade and Charlene hook up, temporarily, almost as soon as he's back in town.  Misunderstandings and hurt feelings ensue.


I found the premise with the football coach a big stretch.  It was stated that he had ranch hands and he told Wade he didn't need any money, so I don't really get how he needed so much help that the entire football team from Wade's class had to return.  Coach seemed like he was there just to offer sage advice.


I wasn't big on the public sex, either.  Wade and Charlene agree their relationship is temporary and they aren't trying to hide anything from anyone, but they engage in practically public sex several times.  And people noticed.  It's a small town, after all.  Oh, and Wade is in to dominance - spanking, ropes, etc.  It's implied that several other of the old high school football players have some odd sexual habits, too.  So, it's a small town, but they're all a little bit freaky.  I've lived in a small town.  No one misses anything - it's all public consumption.  So, I just felt a bit uncomfortable and disbelieving about some of these scenarios.