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Rock Redemption

Rock Redemption (Rock Kiss) (Volume 3) - Nalini Singh

I've read most of Nalini Singh's books (except the Archangels series).  And I've read all of the previous books in the Rock Kiss series.  So, I like Nalini's stuff and I was looking forward to this, with some trepidation.  The manwhore hero never appeals to me, but I trusted it to be handled in a good way.


So, I just found this to be "okay".  I kind of didn't like Noah very much.  He did have major issues, but I still don't really understand how he chose to "deal" with them.  He had no respect for women or himself (again, his issues).  He treated Kit poorly so many times.


Even by the end, when he came clean about his issues, and their situation improved, I didn't feel that he could be trusted.


I will read Abe's book when it comes out, but I find that I'm not very interested in his situation - even with the teasers that were dropped in this book.