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Ex-Con: Bad Boy Romance - M. S. Parker, Shiloh Walker

I don't know about this.  I wanted to like it.  I've enjoyed a lot of other books by Shiloh Walker (never anything by M.S. Parker).  There is plenty in the blurb to indicate what the book is about, so I'll skip all that.  My issue is that it just rushes right in.  Bobby and Carly have their run-in.  She immediately decides that she lusts for him and trusts him completely.  She proceeds to hire him as a body guard, almost against his will.  He really wants nothing to do with it.  But, he can't resist the money she's offering and he's hungry and totally poor.  Then they proceed to kiss and have a more than boss/employee relationship in front of the other body guards.  They do cool off a bit for a period of time, but then they're right back at it again.


There really didn't seem to be much romance to me.  I was a bit confused by the timeline, too.  It takes Bobby three weeks to get approval from his parole officer to move to California.  At that point, one of the characters becomes incapacitated.  But, he and Bobby were able to bond enough and spend time fishing at a cabin, that Bobby has a special place in this person's life.  I must have missed something because I don't understand how there was time for that.


It just seems like the surrounding "world" for the two characters was not realistic or well thought out.  It seems sort of flimsy.