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Shadows of Asphodel

Shadows of Asphodel - Karen Kincy

It felt like it took quite a while to get through this.  I didn't know what was going on half the time.


Ardis is from America and is half Chinese (mom) with no idea who her father is.  She has a picture and knows him as "Leo".  She left America for Europe.  She's a mercenary for the archmages.  She's on a battle field in Transylvania after having killed her target (current job is assassin) when she comes across Wendel, a half dead necromancer.  He tries to kill her by raising  a dead dog.  She ends up saving his life because she's superstitious about him coming back if she lets him die.  He swears fealty to her for saving his life - until he can return the favor.  It feels like she chases him the rest of the book.  He's a killer, a liar and it seems somewhat of a whore but he feels bad about it.


Ardis seems way too naive and clueless to be a mercenary and still be alive.  She's somewhat disgusted by Wendel's ability to control the dead, but they experience insta-lust.  And then insta-love.


I gave two stars because I finished it.