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Taking it Off

Taking It Off - Claire Kent

I'm a fan of Claire Kent/Noelle Adams and I enjoyed this a lot.


Elizabeth is an art teacher to preschool aged kids. Matt is the owner of a male strip club. He used to strip, but doesn't really do it any longer. They meet when Elizabeth attends the strip club with a bachelorette party. Elizabeth is not enjoying herself, but notices Matt at the back of the club. He notices her as well and approaches her when she escapes to the restroom for a break from the bump and grind.


They have a conversation about how she is not enjoying herself. Matt thinks he knows a lot about her based on her appearance and the short conversation. He thinks she's a "good girl" who people pleases and has an unrealistic view of what her life should be. He's mostly correct. He challenges her to come back to the strip club twice a week for a month so that she has a chance to understand what it's all about. He's fascinated by her and wants to know her better. Aside from the challenge he issues, he later takes the stage and strips for her. She's very turned on by it (when none of the other guys did it for her) and it hooks her - she goes back.


They develop a relationship. While it starts out about Elizabeth and her view on life, it becomes about Matt, too. They both have issues and pre-conceived notions about life that are addressed.


I liked this. There was no cheating. Matt had hard and fast rules for his employees, so this wasn't seedy or dirty. So, probably an anomaly for most strip clubs, but it meant there wasn't a lot of crazy drama, which I appreciate.