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Step - Roxie Rivera

I did not like this.  I've read plenty of Roxie Rivera books, so I know what to expect, but this was so skeevy.


The hero, Step, is the lead singer for a band called Sinister Mayhem.  It's his 30th birthday and his band has just performed a show at a local club.  To celebrate his birthday, he selects three groupies to go with him to a suite at a nearby hotel and takes a Viagra with a vodka chaser.  The groupies start going at each other and he still can't get hard so he has another Viagra and some more vodka.  He proceeds to pass out and the groupies trash the suite.


Jemima is the heroine and she is a maid at the hotel where Step spent the night.  She's assigned to clean his suite and discovers him passed out in a pool of his own vomit and blood in the bedroom of the suite.  She's already heard about the groupies who trashed another location in the hotel and had to be removed by security, so she deduces that they were with Step based on the state of his suite.


Jemima and Step meet when she rouses him from his drunken stupor and puts him in the shower to clean him up and then dresses his wound (from hitting his head when passing out).


Step hits on Jem mercilessly.  Because his dick gets hard at the thought of her.

He insists they go on a date before he lets her leave the suite.

She ends up losing her job because of Step.

Step then decides she can be his housekeeper to make her living.

She goes back to his place and we find out he rented the hotel suite because "he doesn't bring women here" (to his home) and this is supposed to make Jem special.  Because she's at his place.

They masturbate each other.

Jem's brother is kidnapped by some "meth heads".

Luckily, Step's cousin is Ten, who works for Houston's mob boss, Nicolai (from "Nicolai").

Nicolai rides to the rescue and saves Jem's brother.

Jem and her brother stay the night at Step's place.

Step won't go bareback with Jem because he wants be careful and protect her, but she goes down on him without putting a condom on him first.


This all happened in a day.  And she KNEW he was with three groupies the night before (I don't think she ever asked if he actually had sex with them).  But she didn't know anything else about him.