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Welcome to Paradise

Welcome to Paradise: Welcome to Paradise Series, Book 1 - Elle Kennedy

I didn't really care for this.  Revenge plot is not my usual interest, but I've read other books by this author and figured she could pull it off in a way that would interest me.  That wasn't the case.  I think this must be some of her earlier work and that she's gotten better with time.  Or something.


Georgia, Charlotte's assistant, only existed to egg her on in the revenge plot department.  She seemed manipulative and way too familiar to be an employee.  Charlotte was influenced way too easily.  And Nate's character did not seem consistent.  He was smart enough, as a teenager, to know that Charlotte needed to pursue her dreams, but he was SO freaking dumb in the way he went about making sure she did that.


This was a miss for me.  I'm guessing the rest of the books in this particular series will be similar and I'll skip them.