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Act of Mercy

Act of Mercy (PSI-Ops / Immortal Ops) - Mandy M. Roth

This is the first book I've read by Mandy Roth, but I saw from her back list that she seems to be an established author and I thought I might find a new series to glom. I was disappointed. This is paranormal, so you have to be able to willingly suspend disbelief, but the world building was not great and I couldn't just go along with it. The supernaturals are not supposed to make themselves known to humans and the seed of a supernatural will kill a human woman. So, a group of four supernatural PSI operatives are in Paris at a bakery. They leave the bakery and discover their van boxed in by a double parked car. Two of the guys pick up the car with their bare hands and move it a block or two away - they cram it in an alley so that the owner cannot move it. In broad daylight. They also only have sex with human women. They're supposedly "careful", but they know their seed kills human women and, from the scene in the bakery, human women apparently act like bitches in heat around them.


Duke is the hero. He's a man whore and treats the women he sleeps with like dirt because he uses them only for sex, but it's okay, because he's upfront about it and they still want to "be" with him. Also, he's grumpy, REALLY "old fashioned" and hates everything.


Mercy is the heroine. She's a brilliant scientist and she's not quite human, but she's working for the "corporation". They capture and experiment on supernaturals, but she didn't know that when she started working for them. So, now she's collecting evidence against them. Luckily, she designed all of the security for the facility in Paris!

Mercy is a virgin. She's never even been kissed. Good thing she gets paired with Duke the Man Whore who fingers her against the side of a van in the streets of Paris. Because she's his mate - instant love, instant lust, instant hard on, instant cream and mine, mine, mine!


As other people stated, this is not a 400 page novel. I read it on a Kindle, so I don't know how many it really is. Maybe 100 - 120? I'm glad it wasn't 400 pages. I wouldn't have finished it.