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Secrets of the Werebears

Shifter Romance: Secrets of the Werebears 1 - BBW Paranormal Bear Shifter Romance (Shifter Romance, BBW Shifter Romance, Bear Shifter Romance, Paranormal Shifter Romance, Werebear Shifter Romance) - Sky Shifter

I read to 49% and realized I was wishing for something bad to happen so that the story could progress onward and I could finally be finished with the book.  I figured it was time to stop wasting time and move on to one of the 200 plus other books I have waiting on my reader.


Molly is the heroine.  She's a waitress at a diner in a small town.  She struck out on her own in New Orleans with a friend and it's indicated that bad things happened and she went back to her small town.  Asa is the hero and he's a cook at the diner where Molly works.  He's new to town and is apparently a werebear.  It's not expressly stated by the 49% mark, but he does have a big secret.


So, the first 49% is just a bunch of emo back and forth between Molly and Asa.  Molly wants Asa and pursues him pretty hard.  Asa wants Molly but he has this big secret and says he will hurt her.  It's just that back and forth and back and forth between Molly and Asa.  That's really all that happens.  A mysterious guy named Jeremiah does make an appearance and shows an interest in Molly.  Molly entertains the idea of Jeremiah because Asa keeps pushing her away, but there's something "off" about Jeremiah.  So, once I started hoping Jeremiah was a serial killer and would attack one of them, just so something would happen, I decided it was time to throw in the towel.


Aside from the boring story, it could've used some further editing to catch some of the typos.