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Mine Under the Mistletoe

Mine Under the Mistletoe - Kat Latham

This was short, but a very good holiday read.


Ashley is from San Diego and has house swapped Oliver, who lives in London.  Ashley has this idea of a perfect Christmas.  One that she shared with her mother prior to her mother's death and London seems like the perfect location - snow, decorations, old architecture and hot chocolate.  She ends up there alone because her roommates, who were going to accompany her, cancelled.  Oliver never gets out of London because the airport has closed due to the weather.  He returns home and falls naked in to bed...  On top of Ashley (she managed to arrive on one of the last flights the airport allowed to land before closing).


Ollie and Ashley click immediately.  Ashley longs for someone with which to celebrate the holiday.  And Ollie wants to avoid the holiday any way he can.  He has a lot of emotional baggage and doesn't ever want anyone to rely on him again.  But, he can't help how attracted he is to Ashley and they end up spending lots of time together.


It's a very sweet romance.  Ollie was pretty great and Ashley was very likable.