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Body Check

Body Check - Elle Kennedy

I've read many of Elle Kennedy's books and this is not my favorite.


I found the hero and heroine both to be inconsistent and a bit unlikable in certain situations.


Hayden is in town to emotionally support her father through his divorce of her step-mother. He is the owner of the Warriors hockey team and his soon-to-be ex-wife has accused him of bribing his own players to throw games. Hayden is no longer very close to her father, but she comes back to town in the hopes of re-establishing their relationship. And then she spends 80% of the book making token efforts at mending the relationship. Most of the story is sex with Brody, a player for the Warriors. Hayden didn't know who he was and Brody didn't know who Hayden was when they hooked up at a bar one night.


Hayden considers her night with Brody a one night stand (she has a man back at home, but they're on a "break"). Brody wants more and *really* pushes until Hayden agrees to a "fling". Brody is still not happy with this, but goes along with the thought he'll convince her to change her mind. He's warned by other players not to see the team's owner's daughter while all of the owner's legal proceedings are happening. He doesn't listen. Until he's accused of wrongdoing. Then he drops her like a hot potato because it could jeopardize his career. After all that pushing for a relationship.


Prior to that, when Hayden finds out her father is very probably guilty and that Brody has some information to share with the investigators, she pleads with him to lie by omission.

After those two things, I was sort of over it. But, it's all wrapped up very quickly with a nice shiny bow.