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This Changes Everything

This Changes Everything (Oakland Hills Book 4) - Gretchen Galway

I enjoy Gretchen Galway's writing so I enjoyed this book as I've enjoyed all of her previous books.  But, after encountering Sylly/Sly/Sylvester Minguez in most, if not all, of the previous Oakland Hills books, I'm a little disappointed with his story.  I think I expected him to be a little crazier and more forthright in his wants.  Aside from pursuing Cleo after finally deciding he wanted her, he didn't give any real heavy thought as to what would happen once sex intruded on their friendship.  Especially knowing himself well enough to know that he's not really the "marrying kind".  He was also pretty clumsy and/or careless about the way he spoke to Cleo.  With other heroes, it can often be endearing because they're awkward or clumsy in general.  But, Sly is known as a lady's man and so it doesn't seem so endearing on him.  I did like Cleo.  She's insecure about herself because of the way her marriage ended (the way her ex-husband ended it), but she's a strong woman and I could relate to her slightly sarcastic personality.