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Eight Naughty Nights

Eight Naughty Nights: A Men at Work Book - Eliza Madison

This is the second book by this author that I've read and I enjoy her style of writing.  I also enjoy this particular trope - unrequited love from hero's side.  I like Brady an awful lot.  There wasn't much to dislike.  He is there for Laura, the heroine, any time she needs him.  He's sweet, understanding and not at all a player.  My issue is Laura.  I didn't like her.  Her mom has just died.  Laura wasn't super close with her mom, but she's torn up over her death.  She feels guilt because she was helping with a relief effort in Indonesia after a natural disaster (she travels constantly), so she was unreachable when her mother died.  Laura ended up missing the funeral.


Laura and Brady have a long history as friends and some sexual history from a night in a closet at a party when they were 15.  There's always been a pull between them.  So, Laura decides to use Brady for sex to help her cope with her grief.  Brady goes along with it because he loves Laura.  He's loved her for years.  And she is clueless.  The entire time, she is clueless.  She hurts him repeatedly by being clueless, thoughtless and selfish.  She is a very selfish person.  I don't feel that she ever really grows in that way or does anything to redeem herself.


But, I enjoy the author's writing and I loved Brady.