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Undecided - Julianna Keyes

LOVED this. Totally not a typical New Adult story. These could be real people. Nora, the heroine, is not perfect at all and that's very refreshing. I could relate to so many things about her. And, Crosbie... I want to go back to college and find a Crosbie. He's not at all who Nora thinks he is. I loved his reaction when he finally learns that Nora is not quite the "good girl" he thinks she is (not the major thing she is hiding, but the circumstances leading to her community service). I don't know about Kellan. He's so clueless and oblivious about almost everything. I mostly didn't like him, but he was a good friend to Crosbie, so I would probably read his story.


I finished this yesterday and I'm reading a second time now because I couldn't bring myself to read anything else. I hope this is made as an audiobook with a great narrator (narrator makes a big difference for me) because I would buy it in a heart beat. I'm sure people will find things to pick apart, but I stayed up late (way late) and neglected grocery shopping to finish this. I was completely in to the story, so it's five stars for me.