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Changing His Game

Changing His Game (Entangled Brazen) (Gamers) - Megan Erickson

This looked interesting, somewhat up my alley and I was eager to read it.  I've read other books by Megan Erickson that I enjoyed.  This one was just okay for me.


Marley is an editor at Gamers magazine.  Austin is part owner of Gamers magazine and he's the author of the video game that Marley loves, Aric's Revenge.  Marley thinks he is an IT guy who provides computer support for magazine employees.  Austin does not correct her.  He never willingly corrects her impression of his job description, although it's very clear to her how secretive and private he is.


Their sexual relationship is quite hot.  Although, when they begin referring to each other as Aric and Evelyn (heroine of the video game) during the act, it totally took away from the scenes.


I was also uncomfortable with the relationship between Austin and his business partner (Marley's boss), Grant. They are LONG time friends, but something about the tone surrounding their relationship had me expecting that a secret sexual relationship between them would be revealed.