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Should've Said No

Should've Said No: A Thistle Bend Novel - Tracy March

This was $.99 and I have an impulse buy problem for books that are $.99.  I should've skipped this one.  I struggled for several days to read this and made it to the 38% mark before I decided I just didn't care enough to continue.  I was starting to feel actively annoyed by:


- the creepiness and indecisiveness of Caden, the hero.  

- the angst of Lindsey, the heroine, over the mystery of the feud between her family and Caden's family

- the one track mind of Caden's grandmother

- the constant references to the family feud (the idea of holding on to grudges through generations is petty bullshit to me)


The "sexy" dialog between Caden and Lindsey had me rolling my eyes.


I think this type of romance is just not for me - DNF.