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Always For You: Jack

Always for You: Jack: A Sergeant Joe's Boys Novel - Alexis Morgan

I received an ARC from NetGalley.


Jack is the hero and he's ex-Special Forces. Caitlyn is the heroine and she's a teacher and she tutors at-risk kids during the summer. Jack is home with his foster brothers for his foster father's funeral. His foster brothers are both active military and have to return to duty once the funeral is over, so despite their foster father leaving his construction business to all three of them equally, Jack ends up handling all of the pending and new jobs. It's very odd because it seems like a very small handyman company - a one man type of business. Jack meets Ricky, a troubled youth, while he's working on a roof. He can tell Ricky is troubled, so he offers him a job helping him with the roof. Things happen and Jack ends up fostering Ricky. Jack meets Caitlyn when she's hired to tutor Ricky. Other stuff happens.


There wasn't anything really wrong with this. It did seem odd to me that Jack lived in the finished garage (referred to as "the annex") of his mother's house. Jack was supposed to foster Ricky, but Ricky stayed in the house with Jack's mom and Ricky wasn't allowed to enter "the annex" without permission. Jack's mom made all of their meals and did Ricky's laundry. It didn't really seem like Ricky was truly Jack's responsibility. Aside from that, I found it hard to care about any of these characters. I couldn't connect with them. They felt very robotic, I think. In addition, there wasn't anything unexpected about this story, so it's hard to feel too excited about it.