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Protection: BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance (Shifters Forever Book 1) - Elle Thorne

Thank goodness this was free.  It was kind of horrible.  The editing was fine, etc.  It was the characters.  They are all too stupid to live.  Chelsea, the heroine, does not have an intuitive bone in her body.  She has no sense of self-preservation or respect.  Jeff, a main-ish character, is a realtor, and he's smarmy.  Grant is the hero and he's a bear shifter.  He can smell fear on Chelsea when Jeff is around and finds it odd, but thinks nothing of leaving her with Jeff.  So Jeff speaks to Chelsea in the most disrepectful way:


“What’s to think about? A down-and-out, broke hairdresser would turn down a successful man like me? Do you know who I am?”


She immediately apologizes for upsetting him and then agrees to what he wants (for her to go out with him) because she doesn't want to make a scene or be a "bother".  When he picks her up that evening after she's finished working, she tries to beg off the date, but he's tampered with her car so that it won't start.  He (and the circumstances) basically forces her to accept a ride from him.  He stops for hot chocolate for her, which he's drugged.  She, of course, drinks it.  Once the drug begins to take effect, he attempts to sexually assault her.  He gets as far as grabbing her breast before she's able to control her hand enough to get her car door open and falls out of a moving vehicle.


What else?  Grant finds her on the side of the road, unconscious because she hit a tree, after she's escaped Jeff.  He takes her to a cave to warm her up.  He does have enough sense to want to take her to a hospital, but she absolutely refuses.  Then, while she's still groggy from the drug Jeff had given her, Grant gives her oral sex.  Perfect timing.


Chelsea later goes "missing".  Instead of contacting the police, Grant decides to handle it.  People *die* and there is no police involvement.  There are no questions.


Sure, this is a paranormal romance about a bear shifter and his human mate.  I can willingly suspend disbelief for that.  But, they exist in this world.  The author did not set up some alternate reality where people behave differently for some reason.  I can't get over the characters being too stupid to live.