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Offensive Behavior

Offensive Behavior (Sidelined Book 1) - Belinda Holmes, Ainslie Paton

I borrowed this through Kindle Unlimited.  It took me a while to get through it.  That's never a good thing.


I guess the author is Australian, but this story takes place in California and the characters are American.  A lot of the phrasing seems to be Australian.  It's definitely not spoken like an American would.  Some work on the punctuation would help, too.  Some additional commas and quotes.


Otherwise, I liked Reid.  But I didn't care for Zarley so much.  Reid is SO in to her, but Zarley is somewhat callous.  He basically kisses her ass and does anything to keep her, including letting a neighbor watch them have sex.  After she completely freaked out about seeing Reid kiss a random woman in a club where Zarley is performing as an erotic dancer, she then has sex with him in a public park and expected him to be okay with a random guy touching her breasts and upper body during the act.


The relationship seemed unbalanced.