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The Hook Up

The Hook Up (Game On Book 1) - Kristen Callihan

I remember seeing this highly recommended in various places at some point in the past.  I bought it for $.99 a while ago and finally read it because book 3 went on sale for $.99, which I also bought.  I kind of dislike reading a series out of order, so I started with this one.


This was just okay for me.  To begin with, I have a tough time with NA.  Then I also have a tough time with a player hero.  "I'm young.  It's fun.  I'm an athlete - so many girls to choose from."  I guess because, even when I was that age, I didn't have that attitude and I just can't relate.


Every time Drew referenced Anna as "Anna Jones", I could only think of was "Some Kind of Wonderful" and "Amanda Jones".  And I liked Anna just about as much as I liked Amanda.  Anna seems kind of repressed about her feelings - cold and not able to let Drew see how she really feels about him.  Meanwhile, he lets it all hang out and she tromps all over him.  This goes on for most of the book.


I can't say I liked Drew a whole lot, either.


I have the third book in the series.  Dex's story.  I will read that one because I already have it and he isn't portrayed as a man whore, but that will most likely be it for me.