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Fooling Around

Fooling Around - Noelle  Adams

I enjoy Noelle Adams' writing and this didn't disappoint.


I did find Eric to be a bit unlikable.  He's impatient, harsh and selfish.  Everyone who knows him says he's really a good guy.  That he's loyal and caring.  But, he says mean things to people.  He doesn't call them names or anything outright emotionally abusive, but he's curt and abrupt.  It made it difficult to like him, honestly.


Julie has the patience of a saint.  She's cared for her sick parents for years and her mother just passed away an hour before the first time she meets Eric.  Once Eric discovers this, he doesn't even blink.  He just continues on using it to try to get her to come be his personal assistant (in additional the personal assistant he already has, and has had for 16 years, but she's getting on his nerves because she's hovering over the fact he has a broken leg and is in a full leg cast).


By the end of the story, both characters have grown and, of course, they're in love.


I wish I had liked Eric more.  And I wish their process of falling love had been a bit more romantic, I think.  But, overall, it was an enjoyable read.