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The Game Plan

The Game Plan (Game On Series Book 3) - Kristen Callihan

Hmmm.  I don't know about this.  It was entertaining and I liked Dex as the hero.  I'm not sure about Fiona.  She's supposed to be a talker - very outgoing and not a care about what other people think of her.  At least, she's described that way.  But, I never really saw her "act" that way.


I didn't particularly enjoy that Dex is a football player, but there's really not much detail about his football playing.  There are some locker room scenes, a scene on the field and that's about it.  Fiona is an interior designer and she also builds furniture on the side.  The furniture building is never touched in detail.  Just random bits that she built a dining set that sold for 30K.  Um...okay.  That kind of hobby should take massive amounts of time.


I couldn't get behind the phone drama, either.  In this day and age, when some high end cheaters service is out to prove your virginity (or not) with a 1M bounty, why in the hell would it be "safe" to take nude pictures on a non-password protected cell phone.  That part was really unbelievable.