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Ask Me to Stay

Ask Me to Stay (Honky Tonk Angels Book 4) - Holly D. Atkinson, Ciana Stone

I felt like this was pretty shallow.


I hadn't read any of the other books in the series and I had no idea who most of the side characters were, so I was a little bit lost.


Jayce is a "rounder". He gets around. He's a player. Whatever. He also has a 15 year old son. His wife left him when the son was very young. He's been a player since then. It's a small town. Who does he "play" with? This is the thing I don't get about players and small towns.


Callie is an emotional wreck. She cries over everything. And she's sickeningly sweet. They all are. But, all you get to know is the surface. You don't really get to actually know any of the people in the story.