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WALK (Gentry Boys) - Cora Brent

This is the first book by this author that I've read, so I started well in to the series.  I didn't know the back story of some of the other characters, but I don't feel like it mattered much for this story.


I liked the hero and heroine.  It wasn't overly angsty and it wasn't "dark" as the description seemed to hint that it might be.  There weren't any crazy exes or cheating or anything like that.


I don't know if I bought the wrongly imprisoned angle.  I guess it could happen, especially in a small town.  I had reservations about the ages of the various people and yet they all seemed to have these extensive histories that should've made them older than their stated or estimated ages.  And the names of the Gentry boys where a little out there - Stone, Chrome, Creed, Deck, Cord, Chase, Conway.  Odd.


Still, I found it to be a decent read.  Oh - some additional commas throughout the story would've helped in some areas, too!