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Hard Men Soft Curves

Hard Men Soft Curves - Christa Wick

Dirty Sweet Curves


This one was kind of interesting.  Rhea is a topless dancer in the evening, but works at a place for homeless children during the day - she even lives there.  Wylie visits his favorite titty bar when he returns from serving in the military and fixates on Rhea.  He follows her home and behaves a bit stalkerish, but does introduce himself and then pursues her.  He doesn't even know her, but he's all in to her.


There is some mystery and things happen.  I don't recall it ever being resolved as to where the video came from, but the ending is too far fetched.

Curve Drill

I liked this one better.  I liked Teague.  He never faltered.  A heroine who squirts - kind of interesting.




I did not like this one.  Way too many really bad things happened to the hero, heroine and little boy for them to all just suddenly recover and live happily ever after.