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Married by Contract

Married by Contract - Noelle  Adams

This is sort of the opposite of another of the author's previous books - "A Negotiated Marriage".  In that one, the hero contracts a marriage to help his reputation/business.  In this one, it's the heroine that contracts a marriage to modify her image for her business.


I enjoyed this one more.  Nick, the hero, has a lot of personality and is a really good guy.  Jenn is a business owner and is driven, but she's relatable.  The previous book spent a lot of time describing a high class lifestyle.  This one does not.


Jenn is afraid to care for anyone because she thinks she will lose them.  Nick has returned from serving in the military and just doesn't want to deal with "anything hard" anymore.  Jenn arranges the marriage to help her appear more "domestic" for the baby's clothing business she runs.  Nick agrees to the contract and accepts money from Jenn to start his private investigative business.


With about two years left on their contracted marriage, their feelings for each other begin to change.  This is the story of that process.


Both characters change and grow.  The story is not full of angst or stupid behavior.  I enjoyed it a lot.