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Avalon - Shiloh Walker

I've enjoyed a number of Shiloh Walker's books.  I think is an earlier work that's been re-published, but I'm not sure.  It seems like an earlier book.  Anyway, I didn't care for it a whole lot.  It's short and you don't really get to know the characters, although there's a lot of angst.


The story opens with Seth and Erin having a physical relationship while they work together for the Avalon police department.  Seth loves Erin but she will not say the words back and she will not give him the relationship he wants.


Erin is psychic and knows that she will die before her thirtieth birthday so she doesn't want to commit to Seth in effort not to hurt him further.  So, Seth ends the relationship.


Then, it's three years later.  Seth is engaged to another woman and still works for the police department.  He is hunting a serial killer.  Erin also still works for the police department and is the serial killer's next target.


Eva, Seth's fiancee, leaves him because she knows he still loves Erin.  That *very* day, he has sex with Erin and starts their relationship back up.


That is not the kind of hero I like.  And I wasn't emotionally involved with either of the characters.  I can just imagine how I would feel if I were invested in their story.