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Going for Broke

Going for Broke: Oakland Hills Friends to Lovers Romanic Comedy (Friends with Benefits) - Lucy Riot, Gretchen Galway

I liked this. I think I've enjoyed everything Gretchen Galway has written to date. But, this is a friends to lovers story and I'd have to say it's my favorite trope, so it already has two things in its favor.


Ian is a good hero. He never really wavers once he decides he wants Billie. He may not think long term and consider the consequences of his actions, but he does stop and consider things when this is pointed out to him.


I also like Billie. She is a little bit too non-confrontational and doesn't stand up for herself enough, but she's not exactly a doormat. And this character flaw becomes less as the book goes on.


I'll be looking for this in audio!