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Lured In

Lured In: A Fishing for Trouble Novel - Laura Drewry

I received an ARC of this from Netgalley.


I enjoyed this a lot. And fishing bores me. But, there isn't a lot of detail about fishing. I guess that could be a negative for some people, but it's a positive for me. I have not read the first in this series and I don't feel like I missed much.


Jess is the heroine. She works at Buoys, a fishing "haven", with the O'Donnell brothers. There is a lot of history. Jess has a very tragic event in her past and it causes her to be afraid of the water and not close with her family, so the Buoys has kind of been her refuge.


Finn and his brothers had tragic pasts as well. Their was an alcoholic and a very mean one at that. Their mother left them when they were young. So, all the brothers have all kinds of trust issues. Especially when it comes to women.


Finn and Jess are good friends. Finn actually had a crush on her for a while after she first showed up at the Buoys when she was 17. But, they're friends and they trust each other. When Jess asks Finn to help her overcome her fear of water, they realize they are developing more than friendly feelings for each other.


Jess is a bit nervous and unsure when it comes to men. She's in her head too much. But she is a strong character and does not put up with anyone's garbage. I loved that.


Finn has a good personality. He's a good person. He trusts Jess. And he never breaks her trust, either.


It was fun to read about their journey and to experience the first touches and excitement of first love.