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Strip Me Bare

Strip Me Bare: BBW Paranormal Romance - Liz Woody

This was terrible.  It was corny.  It tell rather than show.  There were many contradictory statements about the character of the characters.  To me, it felt like the author sat down in front of her computer for a couple of hours and banged out some words.  Then she did not proof read it.  She did not give it to beta readers to proof read or offer plot suggestions.  She just slapped a cover on it and put it up for sale.


The hero is a cop.  It's stated that he has high morals and is a tough cop.  Then he cuts in to the front of the line for the bakery and takes food out of a 70 year old woman's mouth.  Food that he does not pay for.  He then blackmails the heroine in to a date.  In front of a line of customers.


The hero makes a half-@ss proposal to the heroine (she accepts, of course) while he is still married to the wereferret (she refuses to sign the divorce papers.  Happily Ever After.


I'm angry that I spent money on this.  Had I bought it at Amazon, I would've returned it for a refund.