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Star Crossed

Star Crossed - Kele Moon

I read the first in this series quite some time ago.  I think I only gave it three stars, but I've gone back and read it a couple of times since then, so there's something about it that I enjoy.  I think the grumpy hero.  So, anyway, I picked this second one up at some point.  It took me what felt like *forever* to get through it.


There wasn't much romance to this story.  Romeo and Juliet hook up in Las Vegas after Romeo saves Melody from Melody's ex-husband (the drama with Melody and her ex-husband takes places in book one).  Juliet is a kind of manager to Clay (Melody's boyfriend/fiancee/whatever).  She's also a lawyer, dispatcher for the police department and she teaches MMA at the gym she co-owns with Clay and her brother Wyatt (yep, she does everything).  So, it started with Juliet inviting Romeo out for dinner to thank him for saving Melody's life.  They're attracted to each other immediately and end up sleeping together, despite Romeo being her "enemy" by virtue of him being Clay's opponent in the MMA fight (from book one).  Romeo also has connections to the Mafia and she knows he has a prison record, so there is judgement about him all around.


Juliet keeps her relationship with Romeo a secret from everyone, but especially her twin brother, Wyatt.  Romeo and Juliet have a text/phone/skype relationship for months before Romeo comes to her small town to train at her gym with Clay.  Then they have an in person relationship that they hide from everyone.  They declare their love while their relationship is still a secret.  But, I didn't see a lot of the loving part of their relationship. I saw the sex.  The Skype sex.  The in-person sex.  The rest of it is crazy side characters. 


At the end, it gets super crazy.  Way over the stop crazy.  I just didn't really care for this, I guess.