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Rock Wedding

Rock Wedding - Nalini Singh

This was just okay for me. I never liked Abe that much when he was mentioned in the previous books in this series, so I guess it's not very surprising. I didn't really care for Sarah that much, either. I actually kind of thought she might have mental health issues surrounding the loss of her baby.


Abe was a drugged up asshole who acted that way because his baby sister died of cancer. He was angry about her loss, so he took drugs, drank, emotionally abused his wife and then slept with every groupie he came across after he ran his wife off.


Sarah was a doormat. Abe treated her like shit and she stayed with him. Until he implied she was a slut, that she manipulated him in to marrying her because she claimed she was pregnant and told her he didn't love her. Then she finally left him. And they divorced.


Several years later, Sarah's in a relationship with a man who was good to her when she needed it, but she didn't love him and didn't want to be alone. Until he physically abused her. Meanwhile, she's started a successful business and has employees, so there's that.


Now Abe wants her back. They have unprotected sex and she gets pregnant. Abe sets about winning her back.


Sarah trusts Abe WAYYYYYYYYY too quickly and easily.


There's not a whole lot more than that. Abe does all the perfect things and Sarah thinks she's in a romance novel.


The characters from the previous books all make appearances. It was nice to see Noah treat a woman, other than Kit (finally), like a human being. The sweetness and light was very over the top. Everyone got married. Everyone got along famously. It was just one big rock party and it was completely unbelievable.


Charlie and Gabriel are still my favorites.