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A Princess Next Door

A Princess Next Door (Rothman Royals Book 1) - Noelle  Adams

I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.


This is a novella, so it jumps right in with Amalie attending college in Minneapolis. She lives in an apartment while attending college and her neighbor is Jack. They've already known each other for almost a year and Jack has been interested in Amalie for most of that time - always inviting her out or to hang out at his apartment. She is always nice to him and feels attracted to him, but she consistently turns him down.


Amalie is actually a princess of a small microstate called Villemont, which is located in the Alps between France and Switzerland. She is keeping her princess status a secret from everyone because she doesn't want anyone to treat her differently, etc. Attending college away from home is actually against her family's wishes. They had planned for her to marry a man with money and Amalie is not attracted to him. She is very tied to her family. She feels a lot of obligation. But she does not want an arranged marriage just to replenish her family's bank account, so attending college in the States is a minor rebellion. Because of this situation, she does not get to close anyone.


Jack is very laid back and relaxed. He seems like a lot of fun and he's very attracted to Amalie. He helps her out when her apartment ceiling partially collapses due to an upstairs neighbor leaving the tub faucet on all day. This is how they finally spend time together .

Amalie is honest about her need to go home in a few weeks when college is over and so Jack convinces her they won't have a serious relationship, but will keep it casual. Amalie becomes very attached to Jack while Jack has been attached and serious since the beginning. He promises her otherwise, though, as a way to spend time with her.


The conflict is centered all around Amalie's family. Jack has very simplistic views and Amalie's life is very complicated because of her family. Both characters grow, make sacrifices, etc. It's a healthy relationship and the characters are very likable.


I look forward to reading Victoria's story. I suspect Edward (the man Amalie's family was trying to marry her off to) has a lot more personality than Amalie gives him credit for.