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Trophy Wife

Trophy Wife - Noelle  Adams

I received this as an ARC from Netgalley.


I enjoyed this. But, I just enjoy Noelle Adams' writing style. i enjoy her stories even if I sometimes don't like the characters all that much.


In this one, I liked the heroine, Allison. She comes from a privileged background and married an older man at a young age in order to feel secure (after her family lost their money) and ensure her future. Eight years in to the marriage, she realizes how much her husband is controlling her and how unhappy she's been for years. She divorces him and moves to her grandmother's house (left to her) in a small town. Rob, the hero, is her neighbor. He's single (twice divorced) and considered very eligible by the townspeople. They meet on the day Allison moves in when he offers to assist her with carrying bags from her car to her house. Allison is quite short and slightly rude to Rob in indicating she does not want or need his help. She's determined to be independent and do everything on her own after being a "trophy wife" for so long. I loved that she was basically rude to him.


I liked that Allison is not a snob, despite coming from a moneyed background. I liked that she wanted to be independent and do things for herself. I liked that she wasn't completely confident in herself and her ability to be on her own. And I liked that she didn't talk everything to death - spelling out for Rob exactly her wants.


I liked Rob, but I was suspicious of his motivations for a lot of the story. It made me a bit uncomfortable. He tried to hide so much and it took him a long time to figure out he wanted Allison for Allison rather than her image and the fact that he thought she would never embarrass or humiliate him (as happened in previous relationships).


The "needing" versus "being the strong one" in the relationship was very prevalent, but it was hard to always relate. I think because the characters were feeling and inferring from each other, but it wasn't so obvious to me as the reader. I'm not sure how to really describe that - I think that's the best I can do.


This isn't my favorite Noelle Adam's story, but I did enjoy it.