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Sevyn: Adult Paranormal Romance (BWWM Romance) (The Smoke & Fire Series Book 4) - Michele Wesley

I hoped that I borrowed this via Kindle Unlimited, but I didn't.  I paid $.99 for it and I'm disappointed.  I read to the 20% mark - part way through the fourth chapter.  This is very poorly edited.  And the first few chapters are nothing but an information dump about the heroine and what a badass she is.  Sevyn/Dana is perfect.  She looks perfect.  She acts perfect.  She dresses perfect.  She can fight.  She's a business genius.  Her brothers and father want only to marry her off because that's what they think she's built for, even though they take business advice from her.  Neal is the 10 zillionth body guard that's been assigned to her.  I quit and marked this DNF just after he meets Dana and she tries to shake him off/lose him, as she's done all the other body guards.  Their first interaction is cheesy and I was bored.