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Steady (Band Nerd Book 1) - Danica Avet, Anya Richards

This was good.  I liked the heroine, Kate.  She's down-to-earth and slightly nerdy.  She unknowingly makes some bad choices when it comes to men and gets burned very badly.  She then doubts herself, but not to the point of stupidity.  The hero, Shaun, is pretty great and probably not at all like any real man out in the world, but that's the point, sometimes.  He's hot and completely in to Kate from the very beginning.  Kate has no idea who he is and she does wonder why he's interested in her, but it's fleeting rather than being an entire book of her questioning it.  Shaun does screw up hugely by not telling her a key piece of information before they hook up and that causes a lot of conflict.  I do question why someone that famous, with that much money and as large as Shaun's described to be, would apparently travel coach on an airplane (Kate and Shaun meet when they are seat mates on a flight).  But, the majority of the conflict is around both of their ex-significant others and both of those people are painted so very blackly rather than in shades of grey, that it bothered me a little.  Both of them fall in to the "my ex is completely evil/insane" stereotype and it's a little disappointing.  It also felt like the author regularly switched between past and present tense in the same sentence throughout the book.  I found it very off-putting, but eventually got over it or automatically translated it in my head.  Despite that, I liked this enough that I will keep an eye on the price for the second in the series and pick it up eventually.