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Christmas at Eden Manor

Christmas at Eden Manor - Noelle  Adams

I wasn't sure how I would feel about the hero being so much older than the heroine. I've read the other books in the related series and I've pictured Cyrus as older than "fifties". But, I've liked other things by Noelle Adams that I was iffy about, and I wanted to finish the series. It was really good.


I liked Cyrus. He was rather stern in the previous books and he loosens up here, but not too much to make it unbelievable. Brie was harder to get a feel for. She appears in the Mitchell/Deanna story, but doesn't have a big part. And we don't see her in any other situation here, except for her relationship with Cyrus.


I think this is the wrap-up for the series, but I think it'd be nice if Gordon got a novella or something. :)