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Blind Wolf

Blind Wolf - Aubrey Rose

This was really forgettable and suffered consistency problems.  For example, they're running through the woods in wolf form and we get this description:


"They communicated in short yelps and growls whenever they had to, but in wolf form most of their discussion was implicit, instinctive."


Next thing you know, they're speaking complete sentences.  Later, the scene describing how Katherine became a member of the pack is covered.  They find her in wolf form with her intestines hanging out.  She says that she tried to shift to her human form, but couldn't.  Damien picks her up to move her somewhere safe and we get this description:

"She grabbed his wrist, her fingers slippery with blood."

Didn't know wolves had fingers.

I guess it's the first in a series and there were some things that weren't resolved that I guess will be covered in subsequent books, but I'm not interested and won't follow through with the rest.