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Plain Jayne

Plain Jayne - Laura Drewry

I thought this was a super sweet friends to lovers story (no sex, if anyone’s wondering).  

Jayne has been friends with Nick since they were five.  Jayne was raised by her grandmother who provided for her physical needs, but nothing else.  Her grandmother kicks her out of the house when she turns eighteen, so she moves away.

I guess Jayne is around thirty when her grandmother dies and leaves her the bookstore, so returns to her hometown and Nick.

I wanted to smack both Jayne and Nick.  Jayne for taking whatever she could get to have Nick in her life.  And Nick, for being so clueless about Jayne’s feelings - for treating her like a girlfriend, but insisting they were best friends.  Jayne’s concern about Nick’s girlfriend’s feelings felt a bit disingenuous at first.  Especially when Jayne kept calling her Linda when her name was Lisa.  That seemed a bit passive aggressive.  Anyway, Lisa’s feelings should’ve been Nick’s concern.  But, he was clueless, so Jayne’s concern started to feel almost admirable.  And I wish Lisa had had a bit more personality.

I loved Jayne’s new friend, Ellie, and Nick’s co-worker, Delmar.  They were the only two who had a clue and spoke truly.  Ellie, for telling Jayne Nick is a dumb ass.  And Delmar for telling Nick he’s standing in the way of Jayne meeting someone.

I wish that Nick’s friend, Brett, asking Jayne out was more of a true thing and that maybe something had come of it, so that Nick would have to sweat a little bit.

It ended well.  Nick was really sweet and Jayne got her happily ever after.