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Thrown for a Curve

Thrown for a Curve - Sugar Jamison

I enjoyed this, but most of it wasn't a particularly happy book.  Cherri is 22 and living with/taking care of her grandmother.  Colin is 34 (I think), has his own restoration business and is/was a manwhore.  He's fascinated with Cherri, but thinks she's too young for him and hasn't had time to live her life.  His friend, Mike, who doesn't seem like a very good friend, warns him off Cherri.  But, she's working at his restoration shop, painting items for him. They hook up.  A bad thing happens.  They get married.  More bad things/feelings happen.  Colin forgets all about Cherri being young and needing to live her life.  More bad feelings.  Colin's father, Magnus is a creepy pervy asshole.  Problems resolve.  Everyone's happy.  I didn't really see the point of the ex showing up.  That seemed a bit over the top, but I guess Colin had to prove his reformed manwhore ways?