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Nothing Personal

Nothing Personal  - Rosalind  James

The book was well written.  There were some truths about the tech industry and what douche bags the men in that industry can be (probably goes for a lot of other industries, too).  I liked the heroine, but didn't like how she so easily compromised one of her major principles.  I didn't like the hero at all - a VERY recently reformed manwhore who admitted he took what he could get when a woman offered it and didn't have any problem flaunting it in his preacher father's face.  He seemed overprivileged and just kind of jerky.  I guess all of the expensive dinners and whatever were supposed to be romantic, but it seemed like he was trying too hard and probably something he did with all of his other women - too smarmy.  The mystery/suspense part of this seemed odd and not so necessary.  And the "set up" seemed way too convoluted, but was supposed to prove how intelligent Rae was.  I don't know.  Maybe I was just in the wrong frame of mind for this and I do have issues with a manwhore hero.  I'd kind of like to read the first in the series about his brother Gabe, but I know it will have Alec in it and I don't want to read about him anymore.  I might pick up the third one about their sister, though.