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Too Hard to Break

Too Hard to Break - Missy Jane

I didn't read the first two books/novellas in this series, but started in with this one.  I don't feel too much like I missed anything by reading out of order.

Also, at the time I purchased this, there was not an indication of length and I paid $3.44 for it.  It is a novella and not worth that price, if you ask me.  I would've been okay with having paid $.99 for it.

Elle is the heroine.  She left her abusive boyfriend, Declan, about five months ago and is now living with Hank, the hero.  To be honest, I temporarily forgot Elle's name because Hank constantly calls her "baby".  Anyway, Hank gives every indication of wanting more, but Elle is determined that she needs to stand on her own, so she allows Hank to be somewhat physical (kissing, hugging, general touching) with her, but they aren't having sex.  Then Hank takes a few phone calls in private or ends the call when Elle comes within hearing distance.  Then Elle's friend tells her she saw Hank at a restaurant with another woman.  Elle starts to panic that he's seeing someone else and decides it's finally time to move out on her own.  And then Declan shows up at Hank's house and assaults her.  It goes from there.

I had some issues with the way Hank pandered to Elle.  She wasn't demanding, but he just bent over backward and it doesn't seem realistic.  For example, he makes breakfast and dinner for her, apparently EVERY day.  And one night he misses dinner, so he orders Chinese to be delivered for her.  And the constant "baby" this and that.  But she thinks he has another woman.  It just seems somewhat contrived.  Then, when the abusive ex-boyfriend shows up, instead of calling the police and getting a restraining order, Hank and another guy (Sean, from the previous book), chase him off.  I would call that stupid.  While there wasn't anything seriously wrong with the story, I probably will not read the others in the series.